Based in the software development hub of Montreal, Canada, with over 13 years of development of industrial software systems, the people behind the CentrisBridge have hundreds of industrial projects behind their belts.

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SUPPORT Services


We understand that to make the best of a tool such as the CentrisBridge, some help to get going is necessary - we are there to help:


Here's some of the services we offer:


  • 4-hour web Training (all it takes!);

  • Hourly development assistance;
  • Free daytime support.  Forever...

  • Available 24/7 Hotline;

  • Custom development and engineering.


Plant-floor to ERP communication software

We take pride in each and every project.


We know how important and critical your plant's real-tim control systems are and how this wealth of data needs to be processed and made available to your ERP system as meaningful kpis.

With our specialized products, such as the CentrisBridge and our award-winning expertise, we can help you meet those deadlines and dleiver the functionalities your organisation needs.